A cartoon drawing of a cat and an owl on a boat under the moon

by the light of the moon

Embark on a fabulous journey with a cantankerous cat and an exuberant owl in By The Light of the Moon. This fanciful all-ages opera explores the untold tales of Edward Lear’s beloved rhyme, The Owl and the Pussycat.
Ridiculous whimsy meets sublime melody in a wonderful new production, featuring the fantastic characters from nonsense poetry, nursery rhymes, as well as tunes you’ll recognise from the best-loved operas.
Opera Australia developed this travelling opera to enthral school students of all ages, complete with beautiful costumes and engaging scenery. Professional opera singers perform the famous arias in English, and a range of curriculum-based teacher resources are available to help classes explore the music.
By the Light of the Moon is designed as a school incursion and available throughout Metropolitan and Regional New South Wales.


Foundation – Year 6


60 minutes set up and 30 minutes pack down


60 minutes, including Q&A session

  • 6m x 6m cleared space
  • 2.5m ceiling height (minimum)
  • Ground level access with no more than 5 stairs
  • Direct vehicle access to venue (no more than 20m)
  • 1 power outlet

$8 per student (no GST is charged)


150 students (per session) 


PIE Productions
1800 804 707

AUSLAN Bookings

Opera Australia


Every year, Opera Australia performs to 80,000 primary school children throughout Victoria and NSW.

It's always a big event. Opera Australia arrives at the start of the school day, complete with opera costumes, sets, four singers and a pianist. They need about 60 minutes to set up in your hall (or any large space), then they are ready to perform.

The schools tour presents up to three sessions in a day, and each session consists of a 50-minute performance of a complete opera followed by 10 minutes of questions and answers with the students and teachers.

Preparation and follow-up is all part of the experience: when you book you receive an Opera Australia teacher resource pack. This includes suggestions for classroom extension activities both before and after the opera incursion.

By The Light of the Moon at The Opera Centre in 2019
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By The Light of the Moon at The Opera Centre in (...)


Tour Dates

4 march – 13 September 2019

Devised by Liesel Badorrek & Michael Badorrek

directed by

Liesel Badorrek
designer Mark Thompson
musicAL Arrangements Robert Andrew Greene
revival director Kate Gaul
Musical director Luke Spicer
agatha the cat

Anna Stephens
Imogen-Faith Malfitano

Cedric the owl

David King
Andrew Jones

Queen of hearts/mary/miss muffet's spider

Olivia Cranwell
Anna Stephens
Imogen-Faith Malfitano

Old king cole/three blind mice

Rocco Speranza
Andrew Jones


Antonio Fernandez
Benjamin Burton