He’s just a kid, El Kid in fact, but the other goats don’t think he’s got much to offer. When they all head out to attend Seville’s biggest Fiesta, no one thinks little Diego will have a part to play. But in opera, it’s often the outsider who comes in to save the day, and before the party’s over, Diego will prove he’s no silly goats gruff.

This 50-minute opera explores the courage you find when you believe in yourself, using the popular tunes of Bizet’s Carmen to introduce the drama of opera to primary-school aged students. This production was produced especially for school students, and a range of curriculum-based teacher resources are available to help classes explore classical music using a familiar fairy-tale. Professional singers perform the best bits of Bizet’s catchy tunes with colourful costumes and an enchanting set to keep kids of all ages entertained.

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Composed by Georges Bizet
Devised by Liesel Badorrek and Michael Badorrek
Directed by Liesel Badorrek
Designer Mark Thompson
Musical Adaption Robert Andrew Greene

Foundation – Grade 6

Set up time
60 minute set up and 30 minute pack down

60 minutes including Q&A session

Requirements in Schools

  • 6m × 6m cleared space
  • 2.5m ceiling minimum
  • Ground level access with no more than 5 stairs
  • Direct vehicle access to venue (no more than 20m)
  • Power outlet


$10 per student for in-school performances (No GST is charged)

Minimum attendance for in-school performances
150 students


Scott Croll
Phone: 0416 644 974
Email: scott@troubie.com.au
Website: www.troubie.com.au


Every year, Opera Australia performs to 80,000 primary school children throughout Victoria and NSW.

It's always a big event. Opera Australia arrives at the start of the school day, complete with opera costumes, sets, four singers and a pianist. They need about 60 minutes to set up in your hall (or any large space), then they are ready to perform.

The schools tour presents up to three sessions in a day, and each session consists of a 50-minute performance of a complete opera followed by 10 minutes of questions and answers with the students and teachers.

Preparation and follow-up is all part of the experience: when you book you receive an Opera Australia teacher resource pack. This includes suggestions for classroom extension activities both before and after the opera incursion.

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