Sydney Opera House

Signe Fabricius


Using dance as her primary expressive form, Signe’s unique strengths draw predominantly on the visual and physical theatrical style. Exploring the expression styles of dance, Signe has in recent years experimented with the multi-variety of jazz dance. The ambition is to tell entertaining, gripping stories that go beyond the merely text-driven expression form. Hence, on stage Signe lives and breathes her tales through a blend of visual, musical, sensual and verbal expressions. Signe has created her own stage productions from the initial idea generation phase to gathering the right team and to the final direction of the performance. Simultaneously, Signe has been choreographer on some of the major Danish musicals and musical performances. A common denominator for Signe’s work has been her desire to combine mainstream with new expression styles merging styles in an expressive appeal to a broad and wide audience.


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