Sydney Opera House

Robert Cousins


Background: Wrote/edited 25 Belvoir Street. Awarded a Myer Creative Fellowship, 2011, as recognition of his work

OA repertoire:  Der Ring des Nibelungen

Other Companies: Includes sets for Cloudstreet, Page 8,  As You Like It,  Twelfth Night, Aliwa, Waiting for Godot, The Threepenny Opera, Gulpilil, A Midsummer Nights Dream, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, Babyteeth, Strange Interlude, Miss Julie (Belvoir St Theatre); Julius Caesar,  The Season At Sarsaparilla,  Art of War,  The Serpent’s Teeth, War of the Roses, Pygmalion, Under Milk Wood (STC); Weather, Conversation Piece (Lucy Guerin Inc); The Eternity Man (Almeida Theatre, London); Moving Target (Malthouse Theatre); Shades of Gray (Sydney Dance Company); Night Letters (STCSA); The Suitors (Easily Distracted). Set and costumes for This Show is About People (Shaun Parker); Kafka’s Metamorphosis, Fat Pig (STC); House Among the Stars, The Merchant of Venice, Drowning in my Ocean of You (STCSA); The Dreamed Life (Comeout01); The Duckshooter (Brink Productions); Worry Warts (Monkey Baa Theatre Company). Film: Production Designer on Candy, Romulus, My Father, Balibo


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