Sydney Opera House

Sam Podjarski

Born, Soviet Union. Studied violin, conducting, music pedagogue to Phd in Odessa, Moscow. Teaching, Odessa Conservatorium of Music, performing throughout USSR as a soloist, various orchestras. Since arriving in Australia playing with Sydney Symphony Orchestra, freelance and recordings, two Royal Command Performances, taking part in Chamber music  festivals. Founded Legal Chambers Orchestra with performances including Parliament House in Canberra, Corrective Services Department facilities etc.

Lecturing violin, conducting at Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Later joining Australian Institute of Music as Head String Department, then teaching at University of Sydney and New South Wales University.

Taking Permanent Position with Opera Australia at violins Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra. Repertoire and collaboration includes most of the AO/OA and Australian Ballet productions, conductors, singer and dancers. Plays XIXth century Viennese School violin.